Diet – Moderate diet

As our knowledge of nutrition improved, we looked for ways to further reduce my intake of acidic foodstuffs (since diseases cannot thrive in well-oxygenated, alkaline environments).

  • No meat                                        High in saturated fats and highly acidic
  • Dairy free                                      Slows blood flow and increase mucus
  • Gluten & Yeast free                    Causes gut irritation and yeast is very acidic
  • More vegetables and fruit        More fiber and nutrients, less acid
  • Organic food                                More nutrients, less pesticides, fungicides and preservatives
  • No caffeine                                   It has no nutritional benefits and is extremely acidic
  • Fewer processed foods              Fewer man-induced chemicals and hormones

I have a daily intake of 2-3 litres of water with a slice of lemon or lime

I allow my diet to consist of up to 20- 30% of bad fats, as hungry cancer cells are attracted to, become attached to and then eliminated from the body by the fats.