Self – help

This is a difficult and trying time, both physically and mentally , but it is important to approach it with hope and a positive attitude.  There is plenty of evidence that people with a higher level of hope either through personal determination or through spiritualisation (meditation or praying to a deity), live longer, enjoy a healthier life and are more responsive to treatments.

In this vain there is ‘faith healing’ (brought about by prayers and religious faith) and ‘spiritual healing’ (using energies from natural life forces).  More information can be got by searching in Google or other search engines

There are several things we can do to look after ourselves and improve the odds of our survival.



Meditation is an excellent way of coping with stress. It is a unique skill, which is incredibly simple,...

Mindset and attitude

Positive thinking Positive thought and emotions boost the immune system whilst negative ones do the reverse and it...