Handling the situation

When first diagnosed with terminal cancer, I found myself in a situation I knew little about and had no control over, which for some can lead to feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. By working at staying positive and raising my self-esteem, I formulated a strategy, and in doing so, regained a certain amount of the control.

Seek help

The mountain that lies ahead will be a lot easier to climb if you can share the ordeal with a friend or family member. Remember you will not be at your best and someone to confide in may offer you a balanced perspective.

Condition management

With our immune systems depleted we are more susceptible to catching colds and flu bugs etc. and far more vulnerable to secondary infections – especially if you have had chemotherapy or radiation. You need to take precautions to make a positive effort to stay away from people and places where you might pick up illnesses: e.g. Public transport, family gatherings, group meetings, hospitals, GP surgeries.

Don’t be shy to tell visitors to stay away if they are feeling unwell

Mindset & Attitude

It is generally accepted that negative thoughts and long term anxiety make us sick, whilst positive thinking and optimism reduces stress and leads to better recovery from medical procedures. Surveys show that people who have a positive attitude do better and recover quick from medical treatment. Although it probably seems impossible in this situation, it is worth working at it, in order to reap the benefits of improved chances of survival.

You have been dealt a devastating blow but we are all on this earth for a relatively short period anyway and we can be certain that we are all going to die at some stage, just like every one of our ancestors. In coming to terms with it, it will reduce fear and may even provides the strength you need. More on the importance of positive thinking, laughter, spiritualisation and relieving boredom can be found at mindset & attitude


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