Healthy living

As part of our strategy for survival, I wanted to learn as much about cancer, potential causes and cures as I could, so I started researching. However, it was a bit disheartening when I started by typing in ‘cures for cancer’ into a search engine, only for it to produce 13 million sites !

Luckily, there are many repeating or similar themes and a lot of ideas which were so far fetched that I didn’t bother with. As I ploughed through the volumes of internet material, my wife did an open university course on nutrition. She was already an excellent cook and has an MBA and combining her expertise she has produced the ‘ food’ element of this site which I believe is the essence and major part.

Our bodies are like machines and if you feed in rubbish they will eventually get clogged up and problems will occur. If we can eliminate toxins from our bodies and only consume healthy food, our immune systems can perform their function of keeping diseases away.

Healthy food regimes

“let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” When I was first faced with the prospect...


As well as fighting disease and infections, our immune system is responsible for repairing and keeping our bodies...